SKTools Lite 3.3.3

Huge array of tools for maintaining your system

SKTools is a program which contains numerous tools with the role of maintaining your system in a clean, stable state.


  • Find and delete temporary and obsolete files

  • Clear temporary and cache folders like IE contents, IE history, Mail attachments, Large mails, AvantGO and custom users folders

  • Find and remove bad registry keys and values

  • Find and delete bad shortcuts

  • Find and delete duplicate shortcuts

  • Find and delete duplicate notify queue entry/entries

System Information

  • Device information and features

  • Processor information

  • Memory information

  • Screen information

  • OS version

  • Network

  • Power state

  • ROM information

Duplicate Contacts

  • Find duplicate contacts (by all fields or names,email,company,phones)

  • Show

  • Delete

Notify Queue

  • View records

  • Add records

  • Delete records

  • Find doublicates

Memory Usage

  • Show all folders with size (bytes and percent)

  • Open selected folder

...and many more functions! A truly comprehensive tool for keeping your Pocket PC optimized.



SKTools Lite 3.3.3